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The gold in the resort’s Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the oldest beach resort in the north-eastern part of our country. It once bore the name Uzun Kum, which translated means long sands. Among the biggest attractions of the area is the Golden Sands Natural Park. Located in close proximity to the Golden Sands resort, it is relatively small in size but offers fabulous things to its visitors. For the territory of Bulgaria, it is one of the rare such miracles.

It extends over 13.2 square kilometers and is located along the sea coast parallel to it. It is 17 km from the great sea capital Varna. and 3 km from the Golden Sands resort.

It was built in 1943, and for the purpose of its creation and protection of valuable animal species and plants, it became a protected area. The authenticity of the park houses species that have preserved and conserved their species since the Middle Ages. Today, people from all over the country and many foreigners come to the Golden Sands resort. The built hundreds of hotels and restaurants testify and confirm its “golden” name. The Golden Sands hotels are a place for holding all kinds of seminars, events, corporate, organizational and international gatherings and meetings.

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