The best beaches in Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the second largest resort in our country. It is located 15 km from Varna. Its clean beaches and diverse entertainment options make it a favorite vacation spot for many. If you also chose to vacation there, you can stay in a hotel with a water park Golden Sands. Thus, you will guarantee moments filled with fun for the whole family. Another way to make sure you have a good time is by visiting the beach. No matter whether for a walk or to collect the sun’s rays, a holiday at the sea cannot be complete without a visit to the seashore. Therefore, today we share a little more about the beaches in the resort.

Central beach

The central beach is one of the most visited in the resort. It is known for its long strip – nearly 4 km. The sand is fine and golden, and the beach itself is clean and well maintained. A host of amenities are provided. Umbrellas, deckchairs and showers are available to vacationers.

Another plus is that the beach is guarded. If necessary, rescuers and a medical team can provide quick assistance. There are also many bars and restaurants on and around the beach. If you get hungry and don’t have anything on hand, no problem. You can get food or a fresh drink from the restaurants nearby.

The beach also offers good conditions for fans of water sports. You can try a bunch of different activities. Choose, for example, to ride a jet ski or rent a jet. The main disadvantage of the beach is that the free zone is limited. A larger part of the place is given to a concession. Access to the beach is possible by private car and public transport. There are paid parking areas nearby. And if you decide to take the flight, take lines 209 or 409.

Beach in the Riviera complex

This beach is located just before Golden Sands. We couldn’t help but tell you about him, though. It is located in the Riviera complex and is one of the cleanest in the area. Until 1989, access to the complex was restricted. This can tell you how special the place is. The beach is spacious and very beautiful. It is surrounded by lots of greenery, which brings coolness on hot days. The public transport line that can take you there is number 9.

Kabakum Beach

One of the reasons why Kabakum beach is preferred is its water. It is transparent and clear. Another reason is the possibility of parking in the area. Drivers need not worry. Access to the beach is facilitated. There are parking spaces near the beach. The beach is also popular with its good conditions for practicing various sports activities. Here you can ride a jet, play beach volleyball or ride an inflatable ring. The beach is also accessible for people with disabilities. You can reach the beach with line 409.

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