The Golden Sands resort complex located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is the oldest of the 3 large seaside resorts in Bulgaria.

It is located only 18 km from the sea capital of Bulgaria, Varna. Resort complex “Golden Sands” is a modern and beautiful complex built in the middle of a natural park, preserving the park in its natural form, and the complex reaches the seashore. Amidst this fresh greenery and coolness, there are more than 100 hotels, some of which operate year-round. The complex satisfies the taste of even the most demanding visitor, having many hotels that have all the amenities for a comfortable and relaxing vacation. In the hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues operate for the pleasure of vacationers, offering a variety of night life. There are also built halls extremely convenient for international conferences, seminars and meetings for tireless businessmen. The swimming pools are filled with warm mineral water coming directly from the beach itself, where there are two springs with a temperature of 24° C. They also provide opportunities for medical tourism and vacations for vacationers with problems such as arthritis, asthma, neuroses and other diseases.

History of the name of the resort complex according to an old legend tells that pirates buried a huge gold treasure somewhere around Varna, but the earth took revenge on the bandits by turning the gold into fine golden sand.

Golden Sands is famous for its golden sand and wide and long beach. The resort is 17 km north of the city of Varna. Due to its natural beauty, unique natural park, wonderful climate, fine golden sand and healthy hot springs, it has long been celebrated as the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea.

The beach is long and in some places over 100 meters wide, it will fascinate vacationers with its golden quartz sand, the clear and calm water remains warm even at night, and sunbathing is possible from May to October.
Unobtrusively located along the alleys of the Golden Sands resort complex, numerous cozy restaurants with impeccable service and an impressively tasty menu will make you stop for an appetizing and delicious meal. Here you will be able to try traditional Bulgarian cuisine combined with European taste and the exoticism of Eastern dishes. If you are a fan of fish dishes, game, Asian cuisine, borscht or blini or just want to sit down with a glass of cold beer, you will find numerous specialized restaurants for yourself. You will also find restaurants in Bulgarian traditional style with a folklore program, immersed in a green forest, immersing their visitors in the traditional comfort of the Bulgarian home.

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