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How to plan the summer vacation? – 6 steps

Summer vacation is that time of year that we all look forward to. Planning it, however, often brings not only excitement, but also tension. Therefore, today we share 6 tips with you. We hope with them to make it easier for you to plan your vacation during the summer season.

  1. First select the destination

The first thing that is important to determine is the destination. Decide where you want to vacation. The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is an excellent choice. The resorts offer fine sand, lots of sun and a variety of options for having a good time. Consider whether you want privacy or prefer fun. Northern resorts fascinate with beautiful and pristine nature. They are suitable if you dream of blissful peace and quiet. If you like to party until dawn, you better choose one of our southern resorts.

  1. Estimate how long you can stay

Consider the length of time you might be staying at the chosen location. This largely depends on your budget and vacation. But also from your decision, of course. If your vacation is longer, you can visit different destinations and the sea is only one of your stops.

  1. Book a hotel in advance

After you have specified exactly how you imagine your vacation, look for accommodation options. Explore different offers according to your budget and preferences. If you care about a good location and a relaxing environment, we recommend you to look at Hotel Kristal – an all inclusive hotel in Golden Sands. We recommend that you make a reservation through the website of the hotel you like. Hotels often provide special discounts for direct bookings. We advise you to take into account how far the hotel is from the places you want to visit. This brings us to the next point in our plan – prepare a list of the places you plan to stop by.

  1. Think about the places you want to visit

If your main goal is vacation, you don’t need to plan a route in advance. But if you want to combine the vacation with other commitments or sightseeing, you can make a list of the places you plan to visit. Of course, their visit doesn’t have to be scheduled. But if you have determined in advance where you want to go, it will be easier for you to organize your days.

  1. Consider what you will be moving with

The choice of transport is also among the things that it is good to think about in advance. You can go to the big cities by the sea in our country by train, bus and even plane. However, the best option remains the private car. It guarantees freedom and comfort.

  1. Consider insurance

Our final recommendation is to consider insurance. The prices are minimal, and the security and peace of mind they provide are great. The insurance usually covers emergency medical care in the event of an accident and the costs of rescue and transportation.

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